Saturday, September 12, 2015


North America experienced a big change when settlers came. When the Europeans arrived in North America the first thing they saw were natives. They tried to communicate but neither both understood. After a while Europeans started to teach their ways to the Americans and after a while they started to understand each other. They traded goods, Europeans teach the Natives how to use their weapons and other tools they had. The Native Americans also teach a lot of things to the Europeans.

The bad thing of all of this is that also when Europeans came they shared a lot of viruses with the Native Americans. The viruses that Europeans brought were: Small pox, Chicken pox, Bubonic Plague, measles, mumps, and hemorrhagic. All of these killed a lot of people in that time.Because the natives were not sed to the germs that the settlers carried.

This would be a connection with an investigation that i made there are tribes in brazil that don't let you come close because they know about the germs and the harm they will do to them.

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