Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A.C.E Columbus villain or hero?

Christopher columbus would be seen as a villain  because he was racist a slave trader " took some natives by force" and an assassin "he killed 250,000 indians" he killed lots of natives intentionally and unconsciously  he also used the force to conquer the lands.
what would happen if colombus wouldn't have existed? I thinh someone else would have discovered the continent for obvious reasons and because he was very harsh and had a really bad mood he only had the vision of gold and glory that why he didn't worry about the indians, so if they die for any reason he wont mind "where is the gold!".

Saturday, September 12, 2015


North America experienced a big change when settlers came. When the Europeans arrived in North America the first thing they saw were natives. They tried to communicate but neither both understood. After a while Europeans started to teach their ways to the Americans and after a while they started to understand each other. They traded goods, Europeans teach the Natives how to use their weapons and other tools they had. The Native Americans also teach a lot of things to the Europeans.

The bad thing of all of this is that also when Europeans came they shared a lot of viruses with the Native Americans. The viruses that Europeans brought were: Small pox, Chicken pox, Bubonic Plague, measles, mumps, and hemorrhagic. All of these killed a lot of people in that time.Because the natives were not sed to the germs that the settlers carried.

This would be a connection with an investigation that i made there are tribes in brazil that don't let you come close because they know about the germs and the harm they will do to them.